Content strategy for creative business.


Examples of short and longform copywriting.


Short-form, long-form, in good form.

Every campaign needs great copy, and I’ve written for many contexts and attention spans. Writing for digital is a puzzle where you have to fit together lots of pieces of text—subject line, button copy, captions—without redundancy so they all build on each other towards a more clear message. I love the art and science of not sounding like a robot, but also being able to play nice with the robots that help your products get seen. Here are some examples of writing of various types, in various contexts.


The Creative Independent (Kickstarter’s Publication)

A Creative Person's Guide to Thoughtful Promotion

“As you narrow in on a promotional strategy that works for you, double down on your sensitivity, but don’t give in to insecurity. Make your moves to meet your goals, and then get back to making.”



Chronicle Books Website Redesign: About Us

“We consider every detail, and ask questions like these: Does the design support and enhance the content? How does it feel in your hands? What special touches can we add to make it an object you'll treasure? We apply this approach to everything we make, whether it’s a book, journal, game, ebook, or our newest invention.”

Landing Page: Custom Publishing


Twitter Business Outlook: Tips for Q4 success: How to finish the year strong

“There’s often a “use it or lose it” rule with business budgets, so help your customers keep that line item.”

Books are the Only Exercise Equipment You Need

“One day it hit me—maybe reading could be the spoonful of sugar that helps the blood pressure go down! With enough distraction, my aching feet would be just a footnote.”

A DoughNote in Every Mailbox

“We took the liberty of making you a handy guide, matching personalities to classic donut types. Someone had to do it.”

Coloring Books for Grown-Ups

“‘Color outside the lines’ is common advice for those looking to break out of a creative slump, but coloring inside the lines seems to have its artistic advantages too.”

There Must Be 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf

“If there’s a bright side to cloudy weather, it’s the chance to use these functional accessories to stand out in the tightly bundled crowd.”

Brand Campaign Taglines

Some of the juiciest campaign opportunities came when instead of a single product, we promoted a collection of products, sometimes with very few thematic connections (a Pixar anthology, social justice children’s book, and a wedding planning journal, for example). That’s when the copy had to work extra hard to reinforce brand values.

Brand campaign that ran alongside the website launch

Brand campaign that ran alongside the website launch

Named this behind-the-scenes lecture series

Named this behind-the-scenes lecture series

Email Campaigns

I worked on over 100 promotional emails during my time at Chronicle Books. Click through to see a few of my favorites, and see more pieces of the email puzzle for select ones below.

A few text-focused examples of how I put together the pieces of an email content puzzle:

For an email featuring a collection of books with gold foil stamping.
Subject: All that glitters ✨
Preview text: Journals that shine. Literally.
Image Copy: The Gilded Page
Body text: Books and journals that shine in more ways than one. Shop these shimmering selections that catch the eye and capture the imagination.

For a live event guide that Twitter sent to its entire advertiser list.
Subject: Turn major live events into major results.
Preview text: Learn how in our newest workbook.
Body text: Your business should be where the action is. This guide to live events will show you how to Tweet on your feet, craft the perfect hashtag, and stand out from your competition.

For a journal, the premise of which is you only write one line a day. The audience would be familiar with this product already.
Subject: ✒️ Write one line a day in a brand new way 🌸
Preview text: Keepsake diaries for daily rituals.
Image copy: One Line a Day for Everyone
Body text: Now there are even more ways to write just one line a day. The blue cover that started it all, the shimmering celestial edition, and the newest addition: Floral One Line a Day. Your next five years of surprising insights start now.