Photo by Diane Villadsen.

Photo by Diane Villadsen.

Kathryn Jaller supports creative industry through online strategy, and is driven to connect people in new ways and old through culture, events, and compelling stories.

I once created a set of Gertrude Stein paper dolls which traveled across the internet all the way to the New York Times. I’ve spoken at SXSW about museum technology. I’ve met Grumpy Cat (she’s really quite nice). I currently lead the online team at Chronicle Books and work on producing San Francisco's CreativeMornings. I also make jewelry.

I got my start as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Baltimore and San Francisco, and I use the community arts skills I learned there every single day. As New Media Manager at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, I founded their online presence, established a digital video and podcasting program, created graphic identities and wayfinding systems, and led the first large-scale Instagram campaign for a museum (#SFphotohunt).

I love talking about the love/hate, technical/emotional relationship with social media at places like SXSW and Makeshift Society.

Other things: I am a kitten foster mom, comedy obsessive, karaoke theorist, and German citizen. Let's talk about any of the above. 


Speaking and Press

2017 Publishing Professionals Network Conference | Company and Imprint Branding

2016 Social Innovation Week  |  The Little Free Library Design Competition

2016 American Institute of Architects SF | The Little Free Library Design Competition

2016  Chronicle Books  |  Social Media + Photography Strategy

2015  Makeshift Society  |  Class on Inspired Social Media

2014  SF Chronicle  |  Leah Garchik gives a shout-out to our museum dream team

2014  Mashable  |  38 SXSW 2014 Panels You Can't Miss

2014  South by Southwest Interactive  |  Everyone's a Curator: Do Museums Still Matter?

2013  Profile in ArtInfo  |  Insider Tips from the Art World's Social Media Pros

2013  Mobile Engagement Speaker at Cultural Connections

2013  Museum Computer Network Conference  |  The Social Museum

2012  Social Media Week Speaker

2012  The Wall Street Journal  |  #MuseumOlympics

2012  The Guardian UK  |  What Pinterest Means for the Arts

2011   The New York Times  |  Gertrude Stein Paper Dolls

2011   Chapter in the Museum ID Publication Museums Forward: Social Media and the Web