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Holiday Campaign

Pledge to give books.


‘Tis Always the Season to Give Books

This annual holiday cause marketing campaign was a way to encourage people to put their money where their mind is and pledge to give books as gifts during the holidays. I worked with illustrator talent like Lisa Congdon and Steve McDonald, as well as internal resources to make religiously neutral, but unmistakably seasonal, campaign creative for a cozy California winter.


  • 30K+ engagements

  • 70K books donated to the nonprofit First Book over 3 years


Campaign planning, content creation, art direction


How do we promote a wide range of products during our most important sales moment of the year, and in a way that doesn’t feel too commercial?


A cause marketing campaign wherein we asked our community to “pledge to give books this holiday season”, and for every pledge we would donate a book to a non-profit partner. Our audience pledged by posting with the hashtag #givebooks or entering their name in an online form. In the third year the incentive was expanded to be buy a book/give a book on our e-commerce website. The campaign took place across social media channels, and included a website that would be updated with pledges as they came in so progress could be tracked.

"I #givebooks because books say 'this is who I am' and 'this is what I know and love
about you.'“

— Campaign Participant


2017 creative direction developed in-house, illustrated and designed by Alina Buevich


2016 creative direction, illustrated by Steve MacDonald


2016 creative direction, illustrated by Lisa Congdon

The @GiveBooks Instagram account from which we hosted giveaways and posted answers to the question: “What’s your go-to book to give?”

“I #givebooks because there is no better way to show someone that she is truly *seen*. You care enough about her to have observed her passions and interests and intellectual yearnings.”
— Campaign Participant