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In which we fulfill the childhood dream of having the library all to ourselves.

Photo by Irene Kim Shepherd

Photo by Irene Kim Shepherd


In which we fulfill the childhood dream of having the library all to ourselves.


Campaign strategy, project management, relationship management, influencer marketing.

The Challenge

National Library Week in April is an important moment in the book game. Not only are libraries important to our community, both online and off, but they are also important to our business. So we needed to do something special for them. Library content also happened to be some of our highest performing content, so if we could use this opportunity to generate more of that while raising awareness of the benefits of libraries in the age of Prime, even better. 

The Solution

We partnered with the San Francisco Public Library and Instagram's community team to offer an "Empty"—that's the term for when Instagram influencers are given special access to spaces or experiences. In this case, that meant opening the library early and offering our 30+ guests tours of the building, and then letting them have the creative run of the place. 


  • 500K million potential impressions.

  • 2000 followers gained for brand account and partner account.

  • 127 posts with professional quality photography which we were able to repurpose as evergreen content.

Team Members: Jenna Homen, Community Manager (social media strategy, influencer marketing); Irene Kim Shepherd, Visual Content Coordinator (social media strategy, photography, influencer marketing)

Library cards are free, people!
— #EmptySFPL caption from @nowrongwaysf