Inspired by our exhibition  Jews on Vinyl , one contribution to the sleeveface meme.
 A neighboring museum had an exhibition with similar themes, so we created this animation with one of the interactive pieces on view.
 I started taking photos of our ticket stickers wherever I found them, and then  SF Weekly wrote an article about it.
 As an April Fool's Day joke, I took a photograph of a real pet pig in front of the museum, and photoshopped in a few more pink friends, proposing a "pig petting zoo" as a commentary on being kosher in the modern age. It fooled a lot of people, including our publicist.
 Identified Luke Bartels'  The Wood Standard  as an artwork to promote through a partnership with Tumblr. It has received over 1000 notes.
 I documented Zadok Ben-David painstakingly installing his piece  Blackfield,  which has received over 700 interactions on Tumblr.
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