Chronicle Books Website Redesign

Chronicle Books Website Redesign


Making book design shine, digitally. 

Chronicle Books makes distinctive books and products, but it also stands out among publishers because it sells its books directly to consumers through brick and mortar stores and its website.

The Challenge

The site hadn't been touched in about 6 years, so it was definitely time for a makeover. Within the constraints of the Magento ecommerce platform, the site needed to become a worthy extension of the design-focused brand, the mobile accessibility needed to be examined, the checkout flow enhanced, and the categories updated to make the thousands of products on sale more discoverable.

The Solution

We updated the site to the latest version of Magento and implemented a new responsive template with a clean white design that let the products shine. We committed to a photography-forward visual vernacular across web, email, and social, and added personality through illustrated elements and our flexibly designed and infinitely alterable tagline—”See Things Differently.” The three page checkout became one page, and plugins for promotions such as “buy one get one free” and multiple discount codes were added. These adjustments contributed to a 10% increase in sales year over year, 40% increase in conversion rate.

Roles Played

Strategic planning, art direction, copywriting

Team Members: Alina Buevich, Designer and Illustrator; Irene Kim Shepherd, Photographer; Vee Moran, Project Manager

 All photography by Irene Kim

All photography by Irene Kim

We consider every detail and ask questions like these: does the design support and enhance the content? How does it feel in your hands? What special touches can we add to make it an object you’ll treasure? We apply this approach to everything we make, whether it’s a book, journal, game, ebook, or our newest invention.
— Excerpt from rewritten Mission Statement
 Illustrations by Alina Buevich

Illustrations by Alina Buevich